The Witch and the Jaguar Video Book Trailer

My computer has been hanging up all morning and I’m trying to entertain a sleepy baby. But I did finish Woodland Fae yesterday. I think. I’m proofreading and over halfway done!!! Next up: Claiming the White Bear.

I changed days so that I have baby when I can take her to library toddler time (first time for me to go to our library here–her too), and to Barnes and Noble toddler time on a different day.  This is all exciting firsts. I have no idea how it will work. She’s very good about sitting still for story time with me and watching videos for a whole movie, but with other kids who are wiggling around, not sure. Plus, I’ll have to find my way to the library. GPS and me are at odds sometimes.

But I’m this will be something fun that she enjoys to do a couple of days a week, as long as the weather is good.

And the print version of The Witch and the Jaguar is now available!

I’m off and running! Have a fun witchy day!!

A full moon on Halloween means magic and mayhem are sure to follow.

Erin Hawkins is a JAG agent with the jaguar shifters police force and she’s all set to attend the shifters’ Halloween party as a sexy witch, the first time she’s not been on a mission in three years. Between the full moon’s appearance and it being Halloween, havoc and magic prevail when she and a musketeer, an off-duty cop with the human police force and jaguar shifter, Bryce Jenkins, helps her thwart a bank robbery in progress. He wins her over with his sword-wielding antics, until she realizes he broke up her brother and his girlfriend’s relationship the previous year.

Bryce has wanted to take out Erin ever since he saw her in jaguar training, but he’s not sure she’d be interested in someone who doesn’t work for the jaguar policing force. Still, he’s determined to show her a good time and give him a chance and to straighten out a matter about him and her brother’s former girlfriend.

From home invasions to bank robberies, have they got what it takes to watch each other’s backs, eliminate the bad guys, and have fun too? They will, if it doesn’t kill them first!
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