Not to Spoil a Fantasy, but…

Being a Fairy Princess

When I was a child, I wanted to be a fairy princess…but then you grow up and you learn that castles take a lot of upkeep–taxes, maintenance, and well, upkeep. Can you imagine dusting it? And then there are the fairy gardens. Having gardens of my own, that never look like this, I know just how much work they are.

And even if you could afford to hire all of it done, then you have all the issues of hired labor–insurance, salaries, grumbling.

But in a fairy-tale world? They don’t mention all of that. Okay, speaking of the real world, just fed baby and we’re going to take a walk in the cold, but it’s finally light out enough. But you know what? We’ll be fairy princesses on our walk because we can be.

Have a great one!!! Be a prince or a king or a queen or a princess. You can be! And have fun.


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8 thoughts on “Not to Spoil a Fantasy, but…

  1. Good morning fairy princesses I hope your walk wasn’t to cold you are at 37 F
    poor old me at 12 F. …wonder how our friend Donna is doing !
    have a great day fairies ♥

    • It is freezing out to us. And baby won’t wear gloves. I didn’t wear any and my hands are frozen. So no more cold walks if she won’t wear gloves.

  2. Post navigation← Do You Ever Feel You’re Fighting a Dragon?
    My Lady almost every day I feel I am fighting one

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