Took Time to Play

A pelican doing a dance. A walk on the boardwalk at the zoo.

I took my grand-daughter to the reading program they had at the Woodlands Mall Barnes and Noble, but most of the kids were about 4 years old and she’s only 20 mos. Needless to say, she sat still for 2 books and by the third, she was ready to get into the coloring pages. So we left. The lady had to read three more books and that wasn’t going to work for us. lol

We had lunch, I signed books, and I showed her all the cool stuff at the mall. She actually showed me the sculpture of the bird each time we passed through that way and I finally took a picture of it. It’s huge. But that was her favorite sculpture.

And she fell asleep on the way over there and on the way back, so good day! Plus, she helped me to put pine needles on the flowerbed while I raked.

But, I didn’t get any writing done. Some days are just a time to play.

Hope your day is going great!


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