New Contract!

I just received the signed contract for 3 more books, due in in 2019 and due out in 2020, but I also have to write the novella for the 10th anniversary release of Legend of the White Wolf!

So these are the books that each will have a new novella, 10th anniversary releases and new covers. The new cover for Destiny of the Wolf is beautiful, but I don’t have the cover to show off yet (book release 2019 fall). And I’m looking forward to a new cover for Legend of the White Wolf since the cartoonish version doesn’t fit with any of the rest of my covers (book release 2020). They haven’t created it yet. The publisher was new in the field of romance when I signed on, so their art department was learning how to make really fantastic covers. Now they have their own model shoots and no more headless guys. Yay!

Now that I have a contract in hand, it means, no more procrastinating. Not that I am, mind you. I’m still trying to finish up Claiming the White Bear and I wrote 3,000 words on it yesterday. Only 14,000 words left to go. I also received the request for promo blogs for my next release: You Had Me at Jaguar, and I’ll be getting edits in for other books that I’ve written for 2019. It’s a Neverending Story, but a good one! I’m excited! I just need to finish up this book that I started last Christmas.

And yet, Christmas is coming shortly! Which means no writing that day. Oh, and instead of babysitting, I’m going to be dog sitting again. And…sigh…I keep thinking I HAVE to write another Highlander story. I LOVE them, have covers for them, but just need time to write my next one.

I’m off to get writing. Oh, have you ever gone to the grocery store and got everything on your list and then come home to realize you forgot more things because they weren’t on your list? I’m fixing a Christmas Eve Irish feast (corned beef, cabbage, carrots and potatoes), and a roast for Christmas. But I went to make a turkey sandwich last night (I get the small turkey breast and roast it and then I can still enjoy my turkey from time to time during the year) and realized, horrors! My mayonnaise jar is still running out, the bread is too, and my milk expired. Huh. When did that happen???

Have a lovely Friday and hope you’re having fun!!


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