Flying Backwards

I feel like I’m flying backwards as I take a meaningful step back and revise Claiming the White Bear yet again, and again, and again. What is the issue this time? Too much narration in the first chapter. So I moved the narration to another chapter and turned it into dialogue. She doesn’t tell the hero about something he should know earlier on either. So I move that to earlier in the story and argh, the two changes will make for a lot of ripples in the beginning of the story. But it doesn’t matter. It’s all good. It makes the story so much better. So I printed out the first 4 chapters last night again and was editing them until 1:30 am and finally gave up before I read chapter 4. I’m sure after I make the changes, I will have to reread and revise again. But, at least it’s a start. And the good thing is that I think it was by chapter 5 that she had told him the news, so it won’t affect the rest of the book once I make the revisions to these chapters.

So tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I’m having more of a traditional Irish dish–corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, and carrots at my daughter’s request. I ended up buying a bigger crock pot because mine is only 2.5 quarts and when I go to make corned beef or brisket or pot roast, it’s just not big enough. This one is another of the original Crock Pot, not the fancy stuff with all the electronic gizmos. I like the ceramic “bowl” that the food is cooked in. It seems indestructible, plus reviews on the fancier stuff had good and bad reviews. I was glad they still sell the original. The only thing I hated was with the original, I had the best cookbook I used for recipes and in my move, I lost the book. This one has a few measly pages included with the directions, about the size of your hand. Blah. And yes, you can look up the stuff I’m sure on the internet, but I like to have my book sitting there to use when cooking.

I’m off to write! I only got about 500 words written yesterday, the rest was all moving content, and editing. *sigh* But! I’m excited about the changes and I’m off to make more.

Oh, and about the blurry birds in flight, I’m getting better about capturing some things in flight that aren’t blurry. My granddaughter for one, who is on the move constantly. And the butterfly that looks like it was still? It wasn’t. It’s a yellow swallowtail and they move constantly. But the blurry ones are kind of fun too because they show the birds’ movement. Did you know you can blur things to create movement? lol So that’s what I did. On purpose. Did I mention I tell tales???

Hope you all have a super day!!

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