Never, Ever Give Up! Happy Christmas Eve!

Last minute preparations for Christmas Eve dinner! What are you doing?

I found this interesting article about Shyamalan and his ups and downs in his works and wanted to share.

Excerpt from Rolling Stone, Brian Hiatt:

“On a wall in Shyamalan’s production company is a printout of the names of all the execs who said no to The Visit. Most of them, he says, have since lost their jobs. “That list meant different things to me,” he says. “It first meant the obvious, ‘I told you so.’ And then it morphed into something else and as one name after another on the list disappeared, you don’t hold on to that feeling of I told you so. . . . When you’re looking at it like you’re trying to get approval, that’s unhealthy. There’s nothing wrong with the people on that list. My job is to inspire them.””

As a writer, I can relate! And I love how he dealt with all the rejections. What did he do? Give up? Nope, he kept trying until he made the story a success.

For me, everyone turned down Heart of the Wolf, except Sourcebooks, who gave me a chance and voila, it made Publisher Weekly’s Best Book of the Year. Only five were chosen. And the series has grown into 26 books with 2 more coming next year, and 3 the next, and 5 jaguar shifter stories, with another coming next year. Over a decade of sharing wolf stories that endure and endear.

One of Shyamalan’s supposed failures was Lady in the Water, yet I really liked that movie! Quirky characters and the mystery that needed to be solved and the way the critic knew nothing would get him. I love twists and turns in stories.

Never give up. Never surrender.

Okay, so the corned beef and all the trimmings are in the slow cooker for Christmas Eve dinner. House is clean. Now I need to get back to editing Claiming the White Bear! Before it’s time for a break and more Christmas merriment.

Hope you all are having a great day!


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