Start the New Year’s Right!

Christmas is over and it’s time to begin thinking about the new year.

Drinking until late into the night? Forget that! Early to bed, early to rise…and welcome the new year in right! I’ll be puppy sitting, so there’s no sleeping all day anyway, even if I could!

So two of my cougar stories have New Year’s themes, one, at the beginning where she goes to an old ghost town looking for answers about criminal activities as she’s in law enforcement on New Year’s Eve, nothing better to do, and ends up in a gunfight and meets the cougar who will change her life forever. And the other ends with New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day, and the trouble they have to deal with before they can get on with their lives in the new year.

A new year promises so much, to undo all the bad habits (ha!), and to make new ones (uhm, good habits, not new bad habits), to make new memories, to accomplish goals that have been put off, to start all over and make this year the best, or just to plug along and do what you’ve been doing all along, only having more fun along the way.

The new year can be daunting. For me, it means the beginning of having to write more deadline books, what do I write about now that’s new and different???? More teddy bear orders. They’re stacking up. And I haven’t finished writing Claiming the White Bear. *sigh*

But it’s also a time to take a breather or two and have fun. Hopefully, no category 5 hurricanes this year. We had snow too. Really bizarre for the Houston area. But great for pictures!

So Christmas is over, we had a really lovely time, and I’m ready for spring! Have a lovely day!!! I have to write!


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4 thoughts on “Start the New Year’s Right!

  1. i much prefer New Years day and preparing my chosen good luck meal than staying up half the night to see the clock strike the hour. Dogs and children will get you up hangover or not. LOL

    • lol, exactly!!!! I’d rather have a great new year’s day, ready to play! If I stay up past midnight, it’s only because I’m writing away!! 🙂

  2. ♥♥♥
    Love, This Video is Awesome!
    you are doing Great stuff
    A Good Book ! Hubby does watch New York bringing the Year, which for us will be 11:pm usual bed time.

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