Trying to Write My Blog

Be right back. Baby is here.

Yesterday for 365 days of photos, it was hat day. Tanner tells Max to not look so glum because his hat looks much better than Tanner’s. And today was hot drink, so I made a cup of lemon lavender tea in my favorite Scottish cup. You can see the roses are still blooming.

Today we’ve tried having breakfast, coloring, toddler wearing grandma’s big fluffy socks, cleaning windows. And dusting. It’s only 8:48 am. What now?

So yesterday I did my annual physical. You answer a million questions on a notepad. Do you sleep? Do you eat? Are you anxious? (Uhm, when deadlines are hanging over my head and I’m still not there, a little) Do you doze off during work, lunch hour, movie time, stopping at traffic lights? Do you forget where things are? (Come on, like that doesn’t happen to all of us!) Do you forget names and faces? (Does it count when I’ve always been that way??? Or when I spell my characters’ names a myriad of different ways?)

Is it the writer in me that wants to answer these with qualifications?

Okay, back to working with baby. Have a terrific day!!!


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