Fans’ Kitty Cats Love My Books!

You know how particular cats are! Thanks to my cat lovers and fans for sending me their adorable cat photos.

I’m off to finish making changes to Claiming the White Bear! I had another thought about Silver Town and had to incorporate it.

Oh, and so I was looking at plot ideas to give me a jump start to write the Wolff brother’s story, and one was: turn one of your dreams into a story. Are you kidding me????? You don’t even want to know about the bizarre dream I was having this morning.

Okay, off to edit!!!

Have a super day, and if anyone gets catty with you, sic one of the BIG cats on them.


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4 thoughts on “Fans’ Kitty Cats Love My Books!

  1. I love your books, so does my cat Kasie , she always cuddles up with me and she reads along with ever book now.

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