Thought I was Getting Ahead of the Game

But it was all an illusion. Have you ever thought that and then new deadlines are looming and you’re like…well, shoot, now you’re even behinder (author made-up word that should be a real word) than before.

I managed to write my word count for yesterday, 2,000 words, catch up the 1,000 I was behind, and write an additional 1,500 to put me ahead of the game on the Wolff Bros, due April 1st, because I need to start writing on the new novella, due March 1st. BUT, I ended up with SEAL Wolf Surrender to proofread last night, due in two weeks. So yes, I was getting a little ahead, and now….behinder.

That means I’m off to work! Hope you have a deadline-less day. Hope I get an inspirational idea for the novella, SEAL Wolf Team to the Rescue. I keep thinking of where I want this to go, but it doesn’t work with my hero and heroine having a romance. So, still searching for a good idea.


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4 thoughts on “Thought I was Getting Ahead of the Game

  1. Hi. When I was reading your post, I got to the last part. An idea came to me. I don’t know if you do this. I know some authors don’t do this but I would like to put this idea out there. My idea for your SEAL Wolf Team novella. Maybe the hero and heroine become really good friends and have either the hero or the heroine fall in love with a secondary character or both of them. I hope this helps. That idea just came to me when I read that part. Have a great day!

    • Thanks, D.M.! Since I write romantic suspense, I often look for news stories that can give me an idea about a new crime to write about. I’ve been combing the internet for story idea prompts, sometimes that will give me an idea, like in the one I’m proofing, I got the idea from a story prompt: she picked up the wrong coat and found something in her pocket. I changed it to something entirely different, but it worked. And the crime I came up with was something I’ve never written about either. 🙂 Your idea is a good one!

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