Thwarted by the Baby

Is that like the dog ate my homework?

Okay, so I’m nearly done on the novella when back comes the baby. I’ve really, really, really got to finish this novella because I need to get back to the novel. I planned to have it all done and off to beta readers this weekend, but guess what????

For the first time ever, baby is staying with me overnight! Yes! Saturday morning through Sunday, and the corgis are going to be here too and my doggies. Ohmigod! Finish the novella over the weekend? And then the baby is back on Monday. And Wednesday.

Chill. The novella will get done. Maybe by Friday? This Friday? It better be!

Hope you are having a great week!!! Mine may be a disaster. Can’t think like that. It’s going to be great. Baby and dogs will be great. And the novella will be done.

If you don’t hear from me for a while, you’ll know why.


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2 thoughts on “Thwarted by the Baby

  1. Good afternoon Terry
    Princess Fairy is back those that mean the corgis too?
    Take a deep breathe … you will get done if no tomorrow, by Friday.

    • I just have the little princess today, and blessedly, she is finally, finally napping. I was quietly reading SEAL Team to the Rescue to her and she finally fell asleep. lol I’ll have the baby and the corgis and my dogs for the whole weekend. I’m working on the novella now. Hoping to get some done, and really hope I have it finished by tomorrow. I need to jump back on the novel. 🙂

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