The Dogs are Coming! The Baby is Coming!

I vacuumed at 5, took my dogs out, fed them, took them out, started the dishwasher, cleaned, started corned beef, carrots, and potatoes in the crockpot, and now it’s time to do my blog and try to get some writing done.

This is a weekend I’m supposed to be writing. Which probably won’t happen much. I need to do a letter to the readers for the 10th Anniversary of To Tempt the Wolf, so maybe I can get that done, despite the chaos this weekend. I was thinking about it before I got out of bed this morning–it’s about my research and I have learned a couple of new things about wolves, so I’ll write those up.

I had to reread the whole Wolff Bros story to remember where I’m at on it all day yesterday and start writing some more. Not sure where I’m going with it.

I’ve been watching Fearing the Walking Dead–and see so many interesting character flaws, and too-stupid-to-live dumb things they do. And nobody does anything or says anything to rectify the situation. It’s annoying. Why do I watch these apocalyptic movies? They’re brainless. I don’t have to think about them much while all these growlie eaters are running around.

I’m off to work! Have an unchaotic day!!!


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