Dogs Fed, Baby Fed

Yesterday was great!! I ended up writing 4,000 words, mostly before the dogs and baby arrived. I expected her to come in the morning, not in the afternoon. So I got a lot done! I’m still 14,000 behind, but hopefully they won’t be picked up too late and I can get some writing done today. Two-thousand of the word count is for today. Oh, but I also wrote the Letter to the Reader for the 10th anniversary of To Tempt the Wolf and the one for the following book, Legend of the White Wolf. Almost forgot that!

The dogs and baby and I had a great time the rest of the afternoon and evening.

Pictures of the flowers blooming this winter.

Baby wouldn’t take a nap, but she passed out at 5 pm. Whoops, she wasn’t in her pjs yet, bad grandma. But then she woke at 6:30, so diaper changed and pjs on and then I got her to sleep on her mat in my bedroom by 8 pm. At 1 am, she was awake and crying, disoriented, changed her diaper and she went back to sleep right away. But I couldn’t. So I must have finally fallen asleep around 4:30 am and I heard one of the corgis barking. That usually means I haven’t fastened the other’s crate properly and the female is out. They’re in my sewing room, so they can’t get out. No problem. Just don’t wake the baby.

More barking. More. DON’T WAKE THE BABY. But I ignore him until I hear a clatter in the sewing room. That didn’t sound right. My room is dark and I can’t see the baby sleeping, but when I turn on the light, no baby. I head for the sewing room and total disaster. She’s dumped all my sewing materials everywhere and released the hounds. I make teddy bears. I’ve got bear joints, eyes, bear parts, legs, arms, ears, you name it, all over the floor. I’m just glad she didn’t hurt herself or the dogs.

Sigh. Okay, next sleepover, this was our first and she’s not yet two, I’ll shove her mat against the bedroom door and she can’t leave.

Okay, so when is Mom and Dad coming to pick up their motley crew? Off to play with the baby. And hope, hope, I get my word count for today. I need to get some breakfast too. Have a great one!!!


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