Colder Inside than Outside

That means your house has good insulation, right? I was shocked to go outside and find it was 71 degrees out first thing. It is winter! Strong wind blowing, felt great, walked back inside and it feels like I have the air conditioner on. I don’t, but it felt like it. The temperature will drop again, but it’s just such a shock to be this warm, this early in the morning! In winter! My flowers think spring has sprung. I’m afraid we’re going to get a shock and end up in the Ice Age one of these mornings. Flagstaff, Arizona had the first major snowstorm, 36 inches of snow, they’ve had in 104 years, so, no telling!

I’m 2,000 words ahead on Wolff Brother and I hope to keep up the pace if I can. The more ahead I get, the less behind I get when I have to do more edits on other books that need final proofing and whatnot. And then I can start on the next deadline book.

African daisy and coreopsis in bloom!

So my friend tells me that her weather app shows it’s going to rain. Mine shows fog. I took the dogs out and got drenched. Her app was right.

Have a super lovely day. I’m writing while I’m drying out. So much for weather reports!


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