Purple and Red

Ranunculus flowers in bloom. First came the red, and they’re still blooming. And now the purple. But the weather has taken a dive. But it’s warming up again, then cold next week and warming up. I like the warming up because it makes it the perfect weather before the heat settles in.

I only got 1,000 on the word count yesterday instead of at least 2,000, but I was working on taxes, and that takes days. I always tell myself I’ll get better organized in the new year and it won’t be such a mess by the beginning of the next year when I have to start this all over again. Ha!

I was reading an article on not beating yourself up about stuff. I agree! When you feel down about something you’re doing, your work, your appearance, your life, think of two things positive about yourself.

I find that doing something nice for someone else can make me feel better. Say something nice.

When I was at the grocery store with my granddaughter the other day, a man offered to take my basket and return it to the store for me when I’d unloaded everything but her from the basket. It’s the kind for kids, so he wouldn’t have used it. It was a nice gesture. I was so surprised and really appreciated it.

I had my hands full of books to ship and a man hurried to open the post office door yesterday. I do that when I see someone who needs help, moms with little kids, older people, both with baskets or kids. It makes me feel better because they appreciate it so much. Just doing something so simple as that can make someone else’s life less complicated for just a few seconds and yet can brighten their whole outlook for a bit.

I was feeling on cloud nine yesterday, maybe in part due to having a peppermint mocha, did you know that peppermint can make you feel better? It does me! Anyway, they said not to get the safety inspection done on my car until April, so I will wait on that. But after I shipped my books, I ran into a different grocery store for a couple of things I forgot to get and this store had 90% off on their Valentine’s stuff. Wow, a big ostrich and monkey and assorted soft pillows to play with for my granddaughter’s birthday , and two little items I can use for my bears for $3.50? Perfect! Yep, I was on cloud nine.

I’m off to write or work on taxes, it all has to be done! Probably both. Hope you have something fun to do today! TGIF!


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