Done! Done! Done!

The Elf and the Dragons

Sometimes you can claim something as your own, and sometimes you need to just give it up to someone, or something, that wants it worse.

I’m done!!!!! 17,000 words over word count and the book is finished and I did the marketing materials and it’s done! Now the book is with my beta readers, I sent the marketing materials in, and I finished planting dianthus, daylilies and flower seeds and weeded some more.

I set up a folder for the next book: Billionaire She-Wolf Ready for Action. That’s my working title anyway. I have Chapter 1 done. As in Chapter 1. Not the chapter. But hey, it’s a beginning!

But today, I’m cleaning the house. And then, I’m going to continue thinking about the new book, and then begin to write it!

Hope you are having a great weekend! Mine is looking up!


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4 thoughts on “Done! Done! Done!

  1. Glad you seem to be feeling better. We are finally having some days that are warm enough for me. Yard work yesterday supposedly ahead of rain today that has not happened yet. Need the soil to dry just a wee bit more to get vegetable garden ready. Equipment maintenance time while waiting. Cheers

    • That’s great! We need rain! It helps for pulling up the MILLIONS of weeds. And I need to move more plants. 🙂 Good luck on your vegetable garden. When it warms a bit more, I’ll start tomatoes.

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