It’s a Start!

Girl’s Best Friend

Okay, I’m excited to say I’ve started on Billionaire She-Wolf Ready for Action! I have the first 2,000 words, and from now on, except for granddaughter days, I hope to get 2,000 words a day. She’s running a fever again this morning and since I’m still trying to get over being sick, her momma is keeping her home. Which is a good thing for me!

That means I’m doing more spring cleaning, picking up bark mulch to spread on the flowerbeds (started to, but ran out), and pulling more weeds. But also, writing on my unscheduled day. Yay!

Hope you are happy, healthy and wise today… Enjoy!!


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2 thoughts on “It’s a Start!

  1. Good day My Lady,
    Awesome I ♥ the title
    ♥♥ Billionaire She-Wolf Ready for Action! ♥♥
    It was time that a **SHE** will have a book

    Don’t over DO!
    sorry Princess Fairy is sick. hope she gets well soon.

    • Thanks, Lola! It’s time! 🙂 <3 Yes, they say the daycare is a breeding ground, but they disinfect constantly. But a lot of the kids have been sick and have been sent home.

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