The End and the Beginning

Time for Tea

I turned in Wolff Bros after working the rest of Wednesday and Thursday proofing it and I’m 2,000 word count behind on Billionaire She-Wolf. But now I hope to catch up.

I had a beginning, but no real plot. For a romance, I’ve been told, you have to have the hero and heroine meet early on, and so I had an idea for the meetup. Everyone’s on vacation, I’m trying to keep my story from getting so hugely populated, so I’ve started out with three people.

Now, I have to work in the plot. I was watching a program about Lorraine Bobbitt and that ordeal, and then they mentioned about Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan, Olympic ice skaters and sabotaging Nancy’s career due to Tonya’s husband hiring a hitman. So this morning, I was thinking about that. And coming up with a plot for my current story.

In Wolff Bros, I have no body count at all. I usually end up with a high body count, or at least three or four. None? *sigh* I’ve already planned a dead guy in the beginning of this story. I’m back in the game.

That’s how I do it in my Mad Hatter kind of way. Sometimes I can come up with a plot from the outset, but sometimes, I have to just get them to meet and then go from there.

I’m off to write. Baby now has fifth disease, a red rash all over her face. This is all viral and it will just go away on its own, but her poor little immune system is just having fits with keeping up with all of this.

Have a great day and think happy thoughts! See something good in every day. Do a good deed when you can. It makes you feel better than anything you can buy! Happiness can be learned:


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2 thoughts on “The End and the Beginning

  1. Sorry Princess Fairy is having so much going on, poor little tyke “crying”
    you are right her immune system is getting a kick .
    I always wondered how a Righter goes about writing a book,
    have a good day hope you are back to normal health wise

    • We have her birthday party Saturday. She’s feeling better, but that’s why she was having the fevers, diarrhea and wouldn’t eat. So she’s doing better now. I’m still coughing, but it’s getting much better, thanks!

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