I Feel Better Now…

Ready for a game of chess?

Have you ever felt really sick, nauseated, and you know if you could just get rid of what ails you, you’d feel better? Note to self: Do not throw up in sink. What a mess. So much better to use the toilet, if I could have made it in time.

My poor puppies were wondering what was going on with me at 1:30 in the morning. They knew it wasn’t time to get up.

I’ve been feeling so bad since early in the evening, couldn’t get to sleep in forever. I rarely, rarely, rarely vomit, no matter how sick I am. But I know if I can get rid of the food that’s causing me distress, I’d be able to move past the episode. Then I woke, feeling the nausea growing. I feel so much better now.

Food poisoning? Probably. *Sigh* Now maybe I can get some sleep. Since I couldn’t get to sleep earlier, I did manage to finish my word count for yesterday, one good thing.

Hope you have a great day! I know mine will be on track today.


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2 thoughts on “I Feel Better Now…

  1. Good morning Terry,
    Sorry your tummy was reveling, nausea isn’t a good thing…
    you were correct sometimes we need to get rid of what is in the stomach causing
    the need throw up and slowly recover.
    Have a good Sunday.

    • I think I have the stomach flu. I’ve been sick all morning. Usually, if it’s just food poisoning, it would be done by now. The kids were fine and they ate the same food as I did. I’ve just been so sick with all of the baby’s viruses that I’m sure this is her doing. lol

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