I lost 42 lbs over the Weekend!

Okay, yeah, that’s an April Fool’s.

But I haven’t been able to keep anything down, and I know this is a stomach virus, not food poisoning. No one else was sick this weekend after we celebrated my granddaughter’s birthday. And she was sick with this one weekend, probably the weekend before I took care of her this past week with having vomiting and diarrhea, and they thought she had food poisoning. It’s highly contagious and there’s nothing you can do about it but let it run it’s course.

It wreaks havoc with my writing though. They’re taking her to daycare today so Grandma can try and get better. But I’ll have her back on Wed and Fri then. I’m just hoping she doesn’t pick up anything more.

In reality, I’ve lost 6 lbs. Now, if only it would stay off!

Okay, I’m off to try and write. Hope you all stay good and healthy!!! I’m ready to be good and healthy!


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2 thoughts on “I lost 42 lbs over the Weekend!

  1. Terry good morning, hope you get better soon, even writing take a few breaks
    keep the liquids on, tea, some chicken broth NO very strong, a soda cracker or 2, even if you loose it some will stay, Dehydrate to be AVOIDED or you will need IV.

    Princess Fairy looks Beautiful with her Unicorn head dressing and of course a Crown,
    Take care

    • Thanks, Lola! I finally got some chicken soup and rice down!!! I’m finally over the worst of it. 🙂 Trying to get her to wear anything is a trial, but I managed to get a few shots before she took them off. lol

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