The Virus was Annihilated!

At least I hope so. My granddaughter keeps bringing all this stuff home to me and usually, my immune system fights it. But the last two times, it couldn’t resist the allure. ugh.

I need to figure out what I can eat to get back my strength without irritating my stomach again.

I feel weak and shaky, but I hope I can eat better today and get my strength back. She will be back tomorrow. I hope she doesn’t give me anything else! And I hope she doesn’t get anything else!

I’m still behind on my writing because I suspect I will have her on Friday to makeup for not having her on Monday. Friday was supposed to be a writing day. But at least I feel better!

Okay, I need to feed the dogs, that are like, we aren’t sick, so feed us now!

Have a great one!!! I’m off to make mine great.


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