Okay, NOW I’ve Beaten the Bug!

X Marks the Spot!

It’s done! See, last time I said that, it wasn’t through with me. It was laughing it’s little green spindly head off at me while my soldiers were fighting it tooth and nail. And it was multiplying, getting out of control. And then it was getting weaker, losing the battle. Then it came back in short spurts of battle. But still, my troops were winning. Yes! And we won! I would like to say I was commanding my army against the invaders in such an exemplary manner that I truly was the reason for such good leadership and the win.

Maybe the banana and Gatorade yesterday helped. Maybe all the bed rest. Maybe just…hating to admit it…time made the difference. But yesterday I took care of my granddaughter, we walked, we played, I still am short of breath and feel weak, but no more stomach issues. Yay!

The bug is beaten! I want to do a million things I couldn’t before I got sick. I know I need to still take it easy, but, the bug is gone. (I hope.)

I HAVE to get my car safety inspected today so I can renew the car registration. I need to finish copyedits on Silver Town Wolf: Home for the Holidays so I can get back to writing on Billionaire She-Wolf. I need to shop for a mother-of-the-bride dress for my son’s wedding. Do you think anyone will notice if I wear the same one I wore for his first wedding?

Okay, I’m really off to get to work. Hope you are having a lovely day today. We have a misty rain, and I took a walk! Have a beautiful day.


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2 thoughts on “Okay, NOW I’ve Beaten the Bug!

  1. Good day Warrior Princess, glad you conquered the “BUG”
    still don’t go high steam…
    you do remember the story of ” The Little Engine That Could ”
    yes you CAN… we are no talking and overnight illness.. it was more than a Fortnight !
    Take care My Lady hugs.

    • yes!!! I so agree. I just ran out and got some more chicken rice soup and other stuff for future cases of being sick, because daycare is doing me in. 🙂

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