Vicious Cycle

This is me when I feel better. lol

Okay, I figure this is like a vicious cycle–and the powers that be are plotting against me. Before I finished proofing edits on Silver Town Wolf: Home for the Holidays, I got the blog tour stuff I need to do for the June release. And I’m behind on word count on Billionaire She-Wolf because of having to stop to do this, be sick, and take care of my granddaughter on what is normally my day off. I had to make up for being sick on Monday and couldn’t take care of her.

See why I try to get ahead? So I won’t be behind on my writing when other stuff comes up. I also had an idea on changes I want to make to Billionaire, so I’m not sure how that’s going to affect the word count. Going down? I imagine so.

I’ve been trying to take a short walk in the mornings, so now I’m back and ready to tackle the word count day. I turned in the edits last night for Silver Town. Yay!

Have a super day! I’m off to have fun with the story!


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