Steampunk Captures the Imagination

Do you see the cat that hitched a ride on the airship? I created this composite using several different layers of clouds. I never thought of doing that until I saw on DeviantArt where an artist mentioned how she had combined clouds to create her free spectacular clouds to give away. So I started out with just a group of pretty clouds on a blue sky, and then began to add and add and add. On the next version, I added a galaxy kind of sky on top of the clouds and it gave it a whole different effect.

The steampunk airship is from Roy3D on DeviantArt.

More of a galaxy version.

So I don’t have the baby today, yay! Because I was at parties all weekend and have been struggling to just get my word count of 2,000 each day. That gives me today to try and catch up just on that. I still need 22,000 words just to reach word count.

I’m off and writing! Have a beautiful day!!!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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