When Fans Can’t Put the Book Down…

There is no higher compliment than this for an author:

Michelle Scaff “Per usual, Terry Spear is a line jumper. What sucks is I really need to go to bed and I can’t put Seal Wolf Surrender down! It’s such an easy read but my “let me just finish this chapter” has failed me 3 times because interesting things keep happening. Once I finish this (either tonight or tomorrow) then it’s on to the TBR shelf. Unless I order the next cougar book. “

Lola Faber “Thanks Terry which word to use?
Is ^hard /difficult^?
To put down when you are getting to the action 🤔 but is time to prepare supper…😀 l have an almost 48 years scheduled 6:00pm Supper TIME…
I will let him know he’s on his own.”

That’s what we strive for and while I’m struggling to write the next book, it makes me want to do it again and again.

Thanks to my fans who encourage me to keep on going!

And, that’s what I need to get back to! Have a great weekend!!!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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6 thoughts on “When Fans Can’t Put the Book Down…

  1. I find all the wonderful artwork you include in your blogs fascinating, but the wolf standing in this one was awesome! He’s a wolf, he doesn’t need any fancy layers or just the right color pallet! lol

    • Thanks, Christine! I hadn’t had time to do anything else, problems with my computer, so I tested it to see if that would work, and voila! It did! So much fun. 🙂 <3

  2. Good day My Lady,
    you are up early this morning, Have a great writing day!Lovely wolf I agree with Christine.

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