For My Birthday, I Got a Nightmare…

Okay, so let me explain. I had a Windows 7 and they said they were no longer going to support updates and so I asked for Windows 10 for my birthday. My SIL gave up on waiting for it to install last night, so I did what I could when it came up. But, I can’t get logged into my blog, I’ve lost several actions I use all the time on Photoshop, I can’t get my email uploaded on it, I’ve had to reinstall tons of stuff, and so I finally gave up and am on my laptop for the moment because I need to get my word count.

Other than that, the day is great. Don’t you love changing things out so that it’s new and better? Not.

Have a great one!!!


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2 thoughts on “For My Birthday, I Got a Nightmare…

  1. I have resisted giving up my windows 7 ever since they first started with 10. It was a free upgrade for a long time, but my thinking is that my “equipment” is old and designed for 7. If and when I give in to the change, I think I shall give up on desktops and just go with something portable. I can watch videos on TV if necessary. Everything electronic has about a three day life span before it goes out of fashion. In some ways that is good, it shows how much our research and development people can do, but it also comes with planned obsolescence to get our money lol.

    Terry, I received your package yesterday and I was so surprised to find more than I expected. I treasure them. Thank you soooooooo much.

    • Oh, you’re so welcome, Tom! Enjoy them! Yeah, I fought doing so also for years and years. All I heard was the trouble folks had when they changed over to the new windows 8, then 10, so I just held out. My laptop is a Win 10 now and it worked fine, but my SIL came and helped me get everything else done on the old computer, so hopefully, I’ll be up and running tomorrow. When it’s a business, you’ve got to have it. 🙂 And you’re right. Three days from now, it will be obsolete. lol

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