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Minnesota Arboretum with a fun addition of giraffes

My daughter and I went swimming for 45 mins and then went hiking for 2 miles in the 100 degree heat and humidity yesterday. I took a lot of pictures of dragonflies, swamps, the lake, and herons. Hopefully some of the pictures turned out and I’ll share them. One of a green and blue dragon is phenomenal, and I’ll share it tomorrow.

But I finished Billionaire and gave it to my beta readers. I got edits back from my editor on You Had Me at Wolf (Wolff Brother story), and so I have to get those done by Monday. And I was reading Seduced by the Wolf, to recall the characters in that book because I have to add a novella at the end for the 10th Anniversary Edition. And I have to write the Christmas novel about the same pack, so I figured it would help to read that story since I wrote it 10 years ago.

So as soon as I finish the edits on the other book, I’ll jump on the Red Wolf novella. Think I’ll call it Hunting the Red Wolf. And I think it will be about Cassie’s sister who learns in Seduced by the Wolf that her cousin Aimee made it out okay, when their families perished. So I’m thinking that Rhoda, her twin sister did too, and this will be her story.

Anyway, I’m off to swim with the kids and granddaughter and then get back to work! Hope you have a great weekend!!


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