Being an Eclectic Artist

On the cat, I used the tutorial by NyelenehArt

On the Jaguar/Lion promo photo, I used Oscraps elements from a Safari one, though, I might have picked up the jaguar from another. In any event, do you notice my artist style? Nope? Right! I am eclectic. Which means I’m still trying to figure it out, but I love trying new things. Constantly.

I’d love to be able to take my own pictures and turn them into watercolor scraps too. Anyway, the cat was from Pixabay, and so were the two texture layers I used, one of a galaxy, and one of just a gold texture. I have TONS of photos I’ve taken, so that is one quest I have. Among MILLIONS of others.

In the meantime, it’s back to proofing the book. I only managed to get 4 chapters read yesterday, baby here until late, and I just couldn’t get anything done.

Have a great day!!! I’m off to finish proofing the book no matter what, sending it to beta readers and starting on the Red Wolf novella. Just got a bear order for Germany too. Have fun!!!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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2 thoughts on “Being an Eclectic Artist

  1. Good morning Terry,
    Eclectic ( from the Greek ) you don’t need to figure something specific you are doing perfectly fine!
    taking from different things… as the philosophers por example may have pick up from different religions from Buda”s or Sancrist etc…(sorry I don’t know how to write those in English)
    if I think on this last part All religions can aporte something of value …I don’t think ONE is all perfect.

    • Thanks, Lola! I don’t think I could ever settle down to do one kind, so that’s good to know!!! 🙂 I’m the same with my writing. I enjoy doing other things, and that’s what I figure it’s all about. Enjoying it! 🙂

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