Love My Son-in-Law!

Yay!! For my son-in-law! So I had baby all day. He went to work in the pouring rain, found out the garage was flooded and it short-circuited the electricity for the whole building where he works, and so he had to drive home in all the stormy weather. He worked from home, and then came to have dinner, since my daughter is teaching out of town.

But, I put him to work. He installed Windows 10 on my computer for my birthday a while back, and I was having lots of trouble with Photoshop, still didn’t have my Carbonite set up, and Daz3D wasn’t working. I don’t know what was going on with Photoshop. Naturally, when he went to check the error messages I was getting, it wouldn’t show up. You know. Like taking your car to the mechanic and the car is evil. Purely evil. As soon as you leave the shop, it’ll give you trouble again, but for the mechanic? Works like a charm.

I created this, reminding me of my walk, minus the boat, dog, and balloons. Those were just fun to add.

Okay, so since I had the baby soooo late, I didn’t get hardly anything done. I started working on Hunting the Red Wolf on Sunday, but had a new idea last night. And so heading in a slightly different direction. Well, more than slightly. But my goal is 2,000 words a day again, minus the two days I have my granddaughter.

Oh, and I need to ship off things again–2 books to a fan who didn’t receive hers, 2 books to a fan whose books went to another fan who received both (PO screwed up, so I’m hoping I can get them to reimburse me), stuff to my son and daughter-in-law, and a package that keeps getting delivered to me that isn’t mine. Since I’m the only one who has ever had this address, the company has his address wrong, but I don’t want to have to keep returning it to the company. (Not paying for it though.)

And that’s it. Well, we’re still under flood watch and we have more rain coming today. So maybe I won’t go to the post office until Thursday. And I need to plant some daylilies that were a replacement for hibiscus that never made it. So I want to do that today before it gets way overheated.

Have a great day!!! I’m off to get busy!


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