Sick, Sick, Sick

My son-in-law was sick, so I had to pick up baby from daycare and keep her until her momma got off work. Now my daughter is sick and I had to pick up baby from them this morning and take her to daycare.

I think it’s the flu. I think baby had it first because she had a blowout the other day when her mom and dad had her. And I think that she was patient zero. She usually is. lol Daycare crud.

I’ll pick her up later, and keep her overnight, IF I’m not sick. I think I’ve got it too though, just starting. Ugh.

I have 18 chapters to go on proofing. Book still is due on Monday. *sigh*

Off to continue proofing. Hope you have a healthy, sickless day!


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2 thoughts on “Sick, Sick, Sick

  1. I hope you don’t get sick. last time it took to long to get better.
    you are right m kids are the ones that bring illness from school.
    my husband use this “coctail”
    1 aspirin 325 mg , 1 vitamin C 500 mg, 1 vitamin D3 , 1 Zink 50 mg , Enchinada,
    As soon as he feel something coming he takes that combination at least for 5 days, he has been doing this for at least 30 years. if he gets sick is very mild.
    He hasn’t miss one day of teaching, consider this in the Fall he starts into his 44th year teaching at the University, most important!? he is a Juvenal Diabetic since he was 18 , or 51 years as a Diabetic.

    • Wow, Lola, that’s amazing!!! I’m sick. ugh. So we’ll see this afternoon who’s “more” well to pick her up at daycare. Since my SIL has had it a day longer, he might be. But he was throwing up last night, so not sure.

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