The End!!!

Elephants at Play

I ended up being sick yesterday too, but everyone seems to be feeling fine this morning. And I managed to finish Billionaire She-Wolf Ready for Action last night!! I sent it in, yay!!! Then I received 2 promo blogs to do for the 10th Anniversary Release of To Tempt the Wolf and I’m off to work on Hunting the Red Wolf novella.

BUT, the kids want to go swimming today first thing, I have babysitting duty while they have fun for their anniversary, and where does that leave me?

Not sure, but I’m going to TRY and write the two blogs today and type up the notes I have on Red Wolf so far!

At least that’s the plan! The picture of the foggy woods is by

Okay, pool day is on! I’m off to get ready for the start of my whirlwind day!


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