The Dog Ate My Blog Yesterday

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

So I I almost didn’t take any pictures of the hummingbird that was eating from my zinnia flowers. I knew there was a reason to plant them in the backyard. So I could see them! But this was the first time I saw one feeding there. I was out in the backyard with the baby the other day to see the squirrel, and a hummer was on another flowering plant. We were so close, no camera. Sigh.

I took this one from a long distance away, through my window and a tomato plant. And I didn’t have my controls set for the higher speed hummingbird, not enough time before he was gone. But I thought I’d chance getting some pictures anyway. Despite all the problems, they turned out half decent. Since then, I moved the tomato plant!

And I really got to town on the Red Wolf Novella. I wrote 4300 words yesterday. I also finished one of the two blogs I needed to send in. Baby is here today, we’re supposed to go to the mailbox, which is way far away and I’m making her walk, not ride her stroller, an hour at the pool, longer if she is good, shorter if she is not, and the grocery store. Hopefully, it will all wear out baby, and I can reach another 1,000 words today. I took care of her on Saturday after 2 hours at the pool and what happened? She DID NOT SLEEP. They picked her up at 6 pm, and I’m sure she went right to sleep. lol

All right, got to get the dogs out, fed, out, and ready for my granddaughter’s arrival. You have fun now, you hear?


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