Tree Sloth in Minnesota

This little fellow was hanging in the trees in the Como Park Conservatory in St. Paul. I was so excited to see one that wasn’t sleeping in a hammock, hidden behind smudged glass and a fence (Waco Zoo). He was just hanging right there for me to take a picture! Such a beautiful tree sloth.

I sent in the novella! Yay! Today I have to concentrate on edits on Silver Town Wolf. It’s due July 22.

While I was taking the garbage out, I heard two owls hooting from different trees in the neighborhood. I wanted to see them so bad. lol Too dark. I have no idea what kind of owls they are either.

Off to feed the puppies, or not. They went back to sleep. And next, edits.

Have a wonderful day!!


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2 thoughts on “Tree Sloth in Minnesota

  1. Those sloths must like the cold because it has a fine looking fur coat and I have never heard of any in the south. I have lots of owls though, but they stay in the woods surrounding my house and I never get to see them. The raccoons are not so bashful, they come right up and eat the cat food that I put out on the back porch. I wanted a doggie door but am afraid I might find a “Not the Dog” exploring inside.

    • They’re from South and Central America. Maybe Minnesota is a bit cold for him. It was a humid room with koi and tropical plants, but even so, it’s probably still cooler than what they experience down south. Ugh, on the raccoons. Yeah, that would be a problem if you had a “Not the Dog” exploring inside! 🙂 The same here. I see people taking beautiful pictures of them living in their home surroundings, but I never see them. The hawks, yes!

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