Not Meeting Goals

Boltz–the omega wolf, International Wolf Center, Ely, MN

Every day I get behinder and behinder (author’s prerogative to make up words that work for story–really) on my goals. So why make goals? I think it’s so I can play catch up all the time.

I turned in Hunting for the Red Wolf novella, yay! Got started on final proofing of Silver Town Wolf: Home for the Holidays, when I got an email from yet ANOTHER editor with a request to do the final proof of yet ANOTHER novel: To Tempt the Wolf, the 10th Anniversary Edition. The first is due on the 22nd, the second on the 29th. It sounds like for the other that I have a lot of time, but I’m still working on the first one, AND every day I don’t write on Red Wolf Christmas, I’m 2,000 more words behind. *sigh*

Looming off in the not too far distant future are more edits for Wolff Brothers You Had Me at Wolf. You see, I love, love, love turning in my books. Done. Finished. The End. But then, they keep coming back for 3 sets of edits and final proofing. lol

The problem this year is not only do I have the 3 full length novels to write and edit and proof, I have 3 novellas to write and edit and then along with proofing those, I have the three 10 yearanniversary novels to proof. I wonder why I get behind on my word count goals??? I think last year I only had 1 novella to write? So this year it’s been overwhelming.

Ugh. Stressville, here I come. I’m going with my daughter to swim this morning, last time before she works all week again, which means a little shorter hours for me on the two days I take care of my granddaughter–by about 2 hours. Soooooo, maybe I can write a little more on those days. They’re my off days.

In the meantime, I’m halfway through proofing Silver Town Wolf and hope to have it done today, and then tomorrow I’ll start on To Tempt the Wolf. Both are long books so take some time. Despite all this, setting goals is important. I wouldn’t get half of what I need to get done, done, unless I set the goals for each book all the time. And then try to catch up on the books that I’m behind on! So it works….

Before I have to run off in an hour and a half, I’m off to work.

Have a happy Friday!!!


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