Blue Jays in Conversation

“Hey, the girl is mine,” Mr. Talkative said.

“Look at my beautiful feathers. She’s sees these and that’s all she wrote.”

“Hmm,” the other bird said.

Yep, I speak bird.

Don’t you hate it when you can sleep finally, and the smoke detector (one of like 10 stupid detectors they install in these houses) starts beeping? It’s got such a shrill sound, there’s no ignoring it and it was on the other side of the house and it still sounds as bad as if it were in the same room. Well, nearly. It meant its battery needed changing. Since I have 10-foot ceilings, that meant getting the ladder out, carrying it into the house from the garage, getting a 9-volt battery, climbing the ladder, and pulling the old battery out. Paying attention to the way the other went in because I can’t see how the battery is supposed to go in, I’m proud of myself. Insert new battery after a humongous struggle, climb down ladder, walk to the kitchen, the detector starts beeping.

Return to the ladder, climb up, remove battery, reinsert battery after a horrible struggle–my dad used to say never force things because it isn’t meant to work that way if you have to force it–in this case, he’s wrong. It’s supposed to be in there that way. Wait this time before I climb down ladder.

Beep…………….beep……………beep. And it’s not just a beep-beep like Road Runner made. Nope. It’s a shrill, ear-piercing screech, right next to my head. Of course. I take it out, try to put it in the opposite way that I know isn’t right, and can’t get it in at all.

So I climb down the ladder and get ANOTHER new battery, climb up the ladder, remove the “old” new battery, slip in the “new” new battery and voila, no struggle to get it in.

Okay, okay, so maybe dad was right, even if the other should have worked. And yes, after waiting, no beep. Climbing down the ladder, no beep. Several minutes passed while writing the blog, no beep. Time to carry the ladder back to the garage. More sleep? Forget that. The dogs want out. Food, out, in.

Time to write.

Hope you have a sound sleep and no screeching Road Runner waking you from your dreams.


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