Finding Colors in the World

Riverwalk in San Antonio–Added Oil Texture in Photoshop, but what I loved about the scene when I took the picture was the reflection of the colorful umbrellas in the water.

It cooled down!!! It was 78 yesterday morning, and around 85 during the day, finally ending up at 91, but I spent most of the day running errands and then pulling grass and weeds out of my flowerbeds. I did get my word count.

But this is the thing. Bark mulch is great because it reduces water evaporation, shades the roots of the plants, in this heat, that’s great, and helps to shade out weeds and grass. It also breaks down and makes great compost for the plants you planted there.

I. Think.

I mean, I go out there and I just weeded 4 of the 7 flowerbeds and there are more weeds and grass before I can get to the others! But I will say where I have deeper bark mulch, the weeds/grass are/is easier to pull up. Where I didn’t have much mulch, I had to get a shovel out to dig up the grass. It’s never ending. It’s like dusting. If I dust, it will come right back. And I don’t even have to be gone long for it to start all over again. lol

It’s toddler time. Potty training. We are getting the hang of it. I. Think.

Have really terrific day!! I’m off to…get into something!


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