Changing Backgrounds

Morpho butterfly with different backgrounds makes the setting seem so different. Same with us. Think of it. You’re sitting on a beach in the tropics watching the sharks swim by. Or you’re sitting on top of a mountain after climbing to the top, wondering if you’ll make it down again. Yes, the view is spectacular, but do you remember why you did that in the first place? Or you’re racing up a sand dune as the millions of particles of sand sink away. Well, the setting changes everything. Don’t you think?

I’m off to take care of baby. It’s hot, hot, hot out and it’s only 5:43 this morning and this will go on for what seems like forever while I’m trying to think Christmas (for the current story) and cold. Which seems impossible. lol

Have a great setting for your day!!! Even if it’s just one you make up in your mind.


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