Smiling Cheetah

All I had to say to the cheetah to get that toothy grin was: Red meat!

That, and it’s all in the way you say it.

Off to write. Didn’t get any more than 241 words yesterday with the baby here. Couldn’t sleep last night. Was up pulling weeds in the muggy heat this morning, even at 7 am. I’m determined to get 4,000 words today. Will I? Heck, I was determined to get 1,000 words yesterday.

I just love this picture. These are juvenile cheetahs, and momma is in the background with another sibling. I love cheetahs, but to frame a smiling cheetah while a sibling stretches his body in front of him was pretty cool. The smiling cheetah reminds me of “Smiling Faces Sometimes,” by the Undisputed Truth. Yeah. “Smiling faces, smiling faces, sometimes they don’t tell the truth…”

Smiling. Have a beautiful day!


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