Deadline Nightmare

Peacock in Hawaii

I was keeping up with my word goal, and then–book edits happened. They want two more promo blogs too. But You Had Me at Wolf edits came and those are easy, but it’s a long book and I’m through 90 of 250 pages. They were late on sending it to me, so it means they need me to finish it pronto. And first edits came on another book, and that one they want to move the release date to May, so they asked if I could get them done quickly too.

In the meantime, I decided to transfer 13 of my audiobooks from ACX to Findaway Voices because they didn’t have exclusive rights to them. When I first signed with them, I thought there were other audiobook outlets, but there weren’t. So I was getting barely any percentage of income off them from ACX and no way to share them otherwise. It’s rotten on the audiobooks because we pay so much for narration, not the seller, so we have a lot of money tied up in them. Findaway has wider distribution, but I don’t know how well it will do either. Some authors say they do much better.

Anyway, ACX finally transferred the titles and I had to redo 13 of the audiobook covers and upload all the metadata, so did that in the last two days, got 1,000 words word count on the new book the one day, and managed 90 pages of the one book I’m editing. So no new blog. I want to get back to the other book before I forget where I’m at. *sigh*

And, I asked for my rights back from a small print publisher I’ve been with for years and years and years. They have the first 2 of my Highland books and a western time travel. Without the 1st 2 Highland books, I can’t reduce the sale price to have like a BookBub ad for the first in the series. But it means editing the books, formatting them for ebooks and print books and making new covers for both. They’re coming back to me around the 14th.

That’s why I haven’t been blogging. Just too much to keep up with. And the heat is awful. I’ll be glad when it starts dropping to around 94 degrees as the high, which is still a heat index of 104. Tuesday it will be 111. Today and tomorrow, 109. So 104 will seem cooler.

Okay, I’m off to read!!! I hope to have the edits done for one of the books today. Have a wonderful weekend!


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2 thoughts on “Deadline Nightmare

  1. WOW you are very busy.
    I just found out you have a Time Travel book!
    I have 10 of your 13th audios.
    Happy reading / writing
    you been this busy most likely we won’t get to meet.
    Take care

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