Jaguar Dreaming of Chasing Monkeys in the Trees

Baby is on her way, so have to get ready, but I managed to turn in You Had Me at Wolf and now I’m working on first edits on She-Wolf Ready for Action. I’m through 136 pages of 236. So this book was a little shorter than the other at 250 pages.

Did you know that midnight is still day 1, but some think it’s day 2? So I made it 11 at night. To me, midnight is the end of the day. 1 minute after midnight is the next day. I had to explain how the hero could tell the vehicle windows were bulletproof, name the airport they were going to, and other minor stuff so far. So all good. But it still takes time to read and look for any other mistakes they might have missed.

I want to get this done today, but with my granddaughter here for most of the day, that’s probably not going to happen. We’re going to our last swimming pool day. The kids go back to school on Wednesday, so the kids lifeguarding won’t be available. The pool will be open through Labor Day only on the weekends. But it’s hot here until October. The YMCA they’re planning to build near us won’t be open for another 2 years.

In fact with 111 heat index for the next 2 days, the electric company has asked us to cut back our electric use from 2-6.

Okay, got to run. Have a super fun day!!!


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