Off to Meet a Fan Who Has Become a Friend!

Jaguar on the hunt for a shifter mate

I was so busy yesterday, when I wrote my blog, I forgot to add a title. Now, as a writer, I could make up a story. I wanted to lend mystery to the blog. A title-less blog piques interest, right? Or, I was in a rush to get the blog typed up before I had to save the world. Or…take my granddaughter for her 2nd tricycle ride around the block, swim for the last time during the week this season, toss a ball and fetch, do not even ask who was fetching the ball, throwing the ball for the dogs and retrieving, do not even ask who got to throw the ball, coloring–which meant Grandma should butt out because when she doesn’t, she has to draw a million fish on a piece of paper of every crayon color and then again and again. More fish. More fish.

And I managed to get through the edits on the 2nd book. Which means? I need to write on the current book!!! BUT, I’m on a mission this morning. I’m driving an hour south to meet a friend who is a fan from Minnesota, visiting with her friends from Columbia. While I’m down there (Katy, Texas), I hope to go to one of the Barnes and Nobles and a Books-a-Million and sign books. We’ll have lunch, I’m bringing her some books and a couple of other things, and then I’m returning home to write.

Thankfully, I am no word count behind because I’d gotten ahead. See how that works? I still need to get 2,000 today so I’m where I need to be.

Have a great day!!! Mine is busy, busy, busy.


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