Bath Time for Birds

I’ve never seen a bird take a bath in the fountain. Smart bird. Hot day. This juvenile cardinal was having a ball.

I managed 2,000 words yesterday. I wanted to write more. I was reading an article about sleep. Six hours or less a day is equivalent to 2 days with no sleep as far as the brain functioning well. Okay, so I definitely need brain function to write. Now how do I sleep better????

Baby is on her way. Bug terminator better be on his way. I have a swarm of red wasps in my foyer. They don’t seem to be building a nest, not that I can see. Though I am avoiding the area. I tried taking pictures from inside the house. I had to have my daughter drop my granddaughter off in through the garage until the terminator gets here.

One day when I lived in Crawford, Texas, I was watching out the window as I was writing my story, and saw several bluebirds diving at a wasp nest they were building. Every time a new wasp showed up to add to the nest, one of the bluebirds would dive down and the wasp was history. It was wonderful!!! I was having a terrible time with the wasps. Hate using hornet spray, but the best little bug killers around? Bluebirds. I’ve never seen anything like it!

Have a wasp-free day!!!


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