Forget the Candy, Kiss the Frog

See, Rover, isn’t the frog beautiful?

I took the picture of the candy store at the mall. I thought about using one of the Daz3d creations with a child in a vintage outfit, but I hadn’t used this image yet with the girl, the dog and the frog and thought it would be cute.

I’m off to write. I was doing a lot of filling in blanks on the story yesterday, a necessary part of the writing process, but only managed to get 1500 words instead of my 2,000. But, I made minimum word count for the book. Yay! I did have my granddaughter over here also and that took away from writing for part of the day.

Now I just have to finish the story. I started re-reading from the beginning again to see what other blanks I need to fill in, the things I need to change because of other changes, and how I’m going to end the story.

Have a great day!!! I’m off to start mine!


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