The Routine’s Changing

Centaurs courting in the woods in Minnesota. No telling what you will find on a walk through the woods!

We’re switching out days so my granddaughter can get more preschool stuff (she’s only 2), but at her daycare they’re teaching the alphabet and numbers on Mondays and Tuesdays. Her parents and I are also, but it doesn’t hurt to have all the reinforcement. That means I’ll have a WHOLE 7 days of no toddler babysitting after today. And HOPEFULLY, I can finish this book in those 7 days.

Off to play with her.

Have a great day!!! Mine will be busy.


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2 thoughts on “The Routine’s Changing

    • Thanks, Lola! We took a walk to get the mail in the heat and I haven’t had a chance to open my mail. She has been keeping me busy with tea party time. lol

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