Yesterday, No Blog Day–What Happened?

I have a routine. Check emails, blog, take the dogs out, feed them, take them out, do a million other things, then write.

Yesterday, I jumped into doing edits on the story. Did I tell you I received edits for another book? Sheesh. So I wanted to get some more done on this before I go back into another book. By the time I thought of blogging, it was way past time to do anything about it.

So today I spent 2 hours working on the garden, pulling up grass and weeds. With 100 degree days, I have to get it done. Early. It already feels like a sweaty 87 degrees at 8 am. Hot.

But I got a lot done, so now it’s time to get back to edits. Added 2,000 words yesterday, but need to tie the story together better. Not sure what to do to do it, but thinking on it. In the meantime, I continue to edit it because I can’t just sit around and think. I don’t have time.

Have a beautiful day!! I’m off to get started!


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2 thoughts on “Yesterday, No Blog Day–What Happened?

  1. Good morning my Multitasking friend♥
    2 weeks of 3 digits numbers temperature was enough for me.
    I see you are ready for Halloween … I was in Walmart yesterday… I am shaking(?) my head
    Jesus is only the 6 of September and the shelves are set for Halloween !
    that is so wrong…
    you do Halloween a BAM Turkey day… X-mas …good bye 2019 what happened ??

    • exactly!!! I am ready for cooler weather, so I’m thinking of Halloween. But I’m not really ready for it. My neighbor has pumpkins out already. Me? I’m just trying to keep up with weeding.

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