Frustration in Writing

Not all writing is fun. I can have a bout of total frustration. Sometimes not. I love that when it’s clear sailing all the way through. That usually doesn’t happen. With Red Wolf Christmas, I have word count, but the book isn’t finished and it wasn’t coming together. Why?

Not enough conflict. Issues in the story weren’t tied together. What turns the character’s world upside down in the beginning? Nothing. That’s it! What is wrong with the situation? It can’t be all great. It has to be conflictive. She can’t be just like her parents and her great aunt, happy about her circumstances. Happy. Happy. Happy. No. No. No.

She wants something different out of life. She’s not sure what because she’s never had the opportunity to consider anything different. The restrictions on her parents’ will says she has to do the same thing as they’ve done for a certain amount of time and she’s not happy about it. So there. Then she finally finished the time and she’s ready to do something new and her great aunt dies and leaves her in the same situation, for the same amount of stipulated time. Instead of being happy about her circumstances, she can’t wait to get out of them. It means going back in and changing some things, but that’s great!!! I don’t mind as long as I’m getting somewhere with the book and it’s working.

I also had to work all day on the other book, Night of the Billionaire Wolf. I made some changes, and now I need to read through the whole book. I’ll start that on Tuesday because I want to get somewhere with Red Wolf. I ended up taking the prologue out of Red Wolf, wrote a new one, added back in some of the other–I don’t just remove, I save in a cutout file in case I can use it. I called up one of my beta readers and brainstormed. And one of her ideas I’m going to use. I didn’t think so, but then with the new setup, I figured it would work. So I’m off to write! Yay!

Have a great day! I’m looking forward to it cooling down, being 94 tomorrow instead of in the 100s.


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