I’m running out of time. NEED to finish this book and read the other to turn in. With my granddaughter, it’s hard to get much done.

I’m off to write. She’s back tomorrow again. And then four days of no granddaughter and all writing.

We ended up with 4 inches of rain yesterday, 3 inches for the first storm and an inch for the second. Yay!

Hope you have a beautiful day! I’m just so glad it rained!


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2 thoughts on “Storms

  1. Good day My Lady
    WOW, good you got the needed rain.
    we have 2 days of overnight and early morning rain.lots of “Fireworks/lighting and tunder.
    y There was a Touch down early yesterday morning in Winona, at Woodland Cementery,
    took some trees down, damaged a building and some of the headstones got damage …
    Funerals will be done if they are not in the affected area “No rest ….

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