The Wolf and the Girl

No, this isn’t the story of Little Red Riding Hood. She’s a wolf too. I took the picture of the wolf at the International Wolf Center, Ely, Minnesota.

I’m off to proof The Accidental Highland Hero, adding dedications to that and the other Highland story that I didn’t have a chance to when they were first published.

I want to finish proofing this book, while I want to write another Highland story since they’re fresh on my mind, but I was thinking about the cougar Halloween story again…sigh. When I don’t have a deadline book to write, my mind goes in a million different directions! The fae are calling, another full length novel for cougars, the white bear series, and you wouldn’t believe all the covers I’ve purchased for books that I haven’t written yet.

So of course what happens? I’ll be writing stories for new books I don’t have covers for. *sigh* It’s not my fault. I love getting covers that are premade because I know what I’m getting. My problem is that no one makes cougar premades.

Okay, I’m off to proof before my day becomes my granddaughter’s day! Have a super, lovely day.


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2 thoughts on “The Wolf and the Girl

  1. Good afternoon Terry.
    Finally got on my email. you Rock girl!
    Book 7 for the Cougar, book 3 for the Bears, the Highlanders getting revamp
    and Princess Fairy

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