Switching from Highlanders to the Old West–Ghosts and Time Travel

I’ve always loved westerns, ghost stories, and time travel so in A Ghost of a Chance at Love I was able to combine three things I love with a romance and the town of Salado, Texas that I used to visit with my mother when she was still alive.

Whenever we visited, it made me think of what it would be like to live back then when the town was just begun. Imagine the buildings that are old now, were new back then. The stagecoach that just takes sightseers up and down the main street would travel 5 hours all the way to Waco, Texas, the city that was a town near where I was living. The Stagecoach Inn was now The Shady Villa Inn during the 1800s. You wake up in the inn to find the name has changed, everyone is dressed for pioneer days or some such thing, the road is no longer paved but dirt, and cattle are run through the main street during cattle drives.

So that is the story I’m now proofing. The Accidental Highlander is done and hopefully this weekend I’ll have all three books ready to republish.

I know I’ll have more books coming in for edits, so I want to get this done in the meantime.

I think this will be my last physical therapy day. It’s already cost me $925, insurance won’t cover a dime, and my shoulder is getting better. If I keep working on the exercises at home like I have been, I should be well on the way to recovery.

Have a beautiful day!!


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2 thoughts on “Switching from Highlanders to the Old West–Ghosts and Time Travel

  1. Good morning Terry.
    WOW, this blog was very interesting… I have read few westerns,but ghost stories, and time travel I ♥ so ” A Ghost of a Chance at Love sounds intriguing
    One of my first US writer I read here (in English) was Jude Devereaux “A KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOR” 1989 it called my attention because of Time Travel and the Historic Time Travel.
    have read A Knight in Shining Armor to many times I lost count. It was my first Time Travel in English, Jude Deveraux did a great writing no perfect.. as the more times I read the book I noted different thing that should no be there! Douglasses cryings got boring after the second read. The message on the “Painting read * My Soul will find yours . C ” for Colin.
    I have read over a dozen times and have to replace from handling so much. That is a keeper

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