Storms Raging

Never see little frogs in the garden so was excited to find him!

Well, we’ve got rain. And lots of it. And wind. And thunder. Perfect for a frog prince.

Wrote 3,000 words yesterday, finished one bear of a two-bear order, and need to do several more. But right now, it’s pouring out, and I need to move my dogs’ vaccinations date to later. I don’t think I can manage in the pouring rain with a broken toe this morning!

Have a great day! Off to get something done!!!


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2 thoughts on “Storms Raging

  1. No, no going out in the rain and broken toe… just let the boyz out fo do their business .
    been pretty much in bed since yesterday dizziness for several hours, sore throat and the usual ” barking/cough … most likely got it from hubby… that got his from his students before they went on fall break, but he still has it so that’s my idea. Even so A friend told me that some of the people at her Living place are getting the Flu after they got their Flu Shot.
    Take care, going to warm some soup from Saturday.

    • oh no, you poor thing!!!! Sending well wishes your way. I hope you get over it soon. I know how awful that is. The boyz will not go out without me. lol 🙂 If they see me stay inside, they’ll run right back inside. 🙁

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